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Land Clearing Equipment – How do we do it?

At Great Views Brush Clearing our Attitude and our Arsenal make the difference. It starts with our people. Every employee at Great Views has to be client and company oriented. We understand that excellence is not just a word to be thrown around, but a value system for our company. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is the norm; without exception.

Great Views arsenal of equipment allows us to lead the pack in serving our clients needs. Whether we are working for commercial accounts or private land owners, our clients have access to the heavy duty machines that can get the job done. Take a look below to  see some of the equipment that we have available for your project!

Big project or small, if you want your topsoil to stay in place and even be enhanced, mulching is the way to go.

The Bron 595

The Bron 595 mulching machine can handle the big projects. With 595 horse power available in a dedicated mulching machine, Great Views can grind trees up to any size. Most effective on large open tracts with trees that range from 5 to 16 inches in diameter, this monster will also handle the small vegetation with ease and can grind up individual large trees that otherwise might be a problem to process. These pictures will wet your appetite, and check out the video page to watch the beast in action! 

This Machine will be for sale by late March or early April for $135,000 and comes with an extra Fecon 9025 FGT smooth drum mulching head!

The Compact Track Loader (CTL)

With 110 horse power our two compact track loader (CTL) machines are very capable mulchers on vegetation up to 5 inches in diameter. Individual trees up to 8 inches are possible, but these machines excel in the 1-5 inch vegetation and mulch right down to ground level. Here too, check out the video page for a chance to watch these machine aggressively grind smaller trees and brush.

The Harleman Tree Saw

Our Harleman Tree Saw is one of Great View’s favorite attachments for the CTL machines. It is capable of cutting perfectly flush to the ground, and can take down trees from 1 inch up to more than 30 inches in diameter. Great Views is not a tree service with a bucket truck, so we don’t remove trees that are near to any structure of utility lines, but for work in the fields or woods, this saw is the absolute best way to do selective cutting.

The Harleman saw also has the ability to rotate 90 degrees hydraulically while we work, to cut the logs into manageable sections or limb overhanging branches along field edges. After the mulchers, it is our favorite tool.

We will have 1 Saw for sale at the end of March. This is the new style saw has under 100 hours hours on it and will sell for $15,000.

The Brush and Log Grapple

Another handy attachment that goes out on almost every job is the brush and log grapple. With this tool, our CTLs are able to grab and move very large, heavy loads. Whether we are making burn piles, moving logs into stacks for loggers or firewood, or feeding material to the chipper, the grapple is an indispensable part of the tool arsenal.

The Bandit 2090 Chipper

Great Views has one of the biggest whole tree chippers in the area, the Bandit 2090. This machine has the capability to turn whole trees up to 18 inches in diameter into tiny chips. It is designed for safe operation, with the operator standing off to the side and operating a grapple to feed the trees into the machine. When our clients don’t want any burn piles, and the material is not right for firewood or logging, this chipper can reduce the trees to wood chips that can be spread on the area or left in piles for other uses like pathways.

The Chipper is ready to sell for $29,500.

The Stumper 280 Field Stump Grinder

Great Views can also do stump grinding in fields and other non sensitive areas that need the stumps ground below the surround soil surface. Our high flow Stumper 280 has no setup time and grinds through tough stumps 4 inches at a time. Rapidly able to move from one stump to the next, it is an ideal solution to areas where stumps might pose a long term problem. This tool is not ideal for residential stumps, as it is attached to the front of our powerful CTL machines and is not very lawn friendly.

Currently listed on EBay for $5100, this unit is available now. It is a high Flow model, but just 2 hoses (no case drain).

Be sure to check out the video page to see all of these tools in action!

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