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Testimonial Reviews


“They did everything they said they were going to do.  A real joy to work with.  I had an area that I wanted the undergrowth taken out and the trees left alone.  They really did a nice job cleaning it up.”

Brent Lowe – Land Owner, Lebanon MO

“Great Views performance was fast, easy and at a fair price.  I would use them again.”

Jim Rogers – Bennett Inn, Lebanon, MO

“I’ve had them up to our place 3 times in the last 8 years.  Each time the area they worked on looked great.  Before working with Great Views we’d had an excavator out that left burn piles, ruts and rocks.  Took for ever to get the burn piles taken care of due to wind.  Great Views took care of all that.  Next time, we’ll have them bring up the Bron and really go to town!”

Bud Clark – Rancher - C Bar C Ranch, Desoto, MO

“These guys did a great job clearing my woods.  When they were done the site was in great shape, clean, no ruts ready for grass.  I couldn’t be more happy.”

Dennis Bruns – Land Owner - Camdenton, MO

“Great Views did a fantastic job and it cost less than I expected!

I’ll be calling soon to have more clearing done.”

David Graydon – Land Owner, Lebanon, MO

“Chris did exactly what he said he was gonna do.  There were no surprises at the end.  Very pleased.”

Tommy Clift – Rancher - C and C Farms, Conway, MO

“In late July (2016) our remnant prairie was extended by an additional 1.5 acres thanks to Great Views Brush Clearing, LLC.

In less than one day, brush and several trees were cleared to uncover an amazingly flat section of prairie, the topography of which was concealed by the overlying heavy undergrowth…”

Louise Wilkinson, DO – 8/28/2016 The Rolla Daily News

“On behalf of all us associated with the Nature Center and the Ozark Rivers Audubon Chapter we want to thank you and your expert crew for a job well done.  It is always so self-assuring knowing the quality of work you and your team accomplish whenever we call.

Someday we will have a beautiful nature center for all to enjoy, and you and your family will be able to say, “We helped build this.”

Thank you,

Yours in bird conservation!”

Mike Doyen – Audubon Leader


Ben (our crackerjack machine operator) did a great job- Thanks!”

Carl Oughton and Dave Reynolds

“To whom It May Concern:

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Chris Moyle.  Laclede Electric Cooperative has used the services of Great Views Brush Clearing LLC since 2007.  As the Right of Way Superintendent of Laclede Electric I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Chris Moyle in his capacity as Managing Partner for GVBC,  As such I appreciate Chris’ technical and professional assistance with at times challenging projects and deadlines.  I have found his character and work ethic to be honorable, sincere and client oriented.  GVBC as a company reflects his leadership with excellent service, reliability, customer-attentive attitude and much better than average value.  I have been impressed with his commitment and enthusiasm to any endeavor her has been assigned with.  Chris exhibits the qualities that are essential to successful business owners and managers….”

Mike McMillen – Former Right of Way Superindentent - Laclede Electric Cooperative

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