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So – Is it Brush Clearing or Land Clearing?

Years ago we began using the term “Brush Clearing” because many excavating companies used the term “Land Clearing” to describe how they handled brush and trees.

Excavating equipment is great for shaping the ground and moving dirt, but it can’t help build topsoil or feed cleared vegetation back into your ground.

Mulching machines and specialized vegetation control equipment can make your property better – feeding the soil while the land is cleared, & eliminating piles, tree holes, and burning. These methods also leave your existing topsoil in place, along with the seed bank and grass roots that were already there just waiting for a chance to work for you!

Mulching vegetation puts a tremendous amount of organic matter into the soil. Each 1% of organic matter in the soil mixture has the ability to hold 1.5 quarts of water per cubic foot. Increasing the organic matter in your soil by 1% in the top 6 inches of soil, can make your ground hold 27,000 gallons more water per acre. That’s a “water bank”, slowing down the run off of heavy rains and collecting that water for your grass to use during the dry season.

Thats why we call what we do brush clearing instead of land clearing. Can we do a better job of clearing brush and trees than could be done using excavating equipment to remove vegetation? YOU BET WE CAN!!!

Are we Brush and Tree Clearers or Land Clearers? Let’s leave that up to you!

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