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Fence Line Enhancement

Doing any job, we prefer to mulch.  Click this link to see the benefits of mulching

When you need to build a new fence, make it easy on the folks that will run the wire. Great Views can pull old fence and consolidate it into a bundle for recycling or disposal, and clear the way for a hassle-free new fence installation.


Brush mulching for fence building and clearing to let grass grow:

One of our neighbors in Montreal was having trouble getting around his fenceline to keep it maintained.  He called Great Views and VIOLA!  Wide enough to drive a truck through loaded with fence repair equipment.

The old fence on this line was to be replaced. It was full of medium size oak trees that Great Views cut flush with the ground and piled to the side before mulching the smaller vegetation. Afterward, the trees were processed through the chipper and the chips spread back into the fence row.:

Sometimes you just need a path or road along your fence so you can keep it secure and maintained. Great Views can easily help with that!

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