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Land Clearing

Land clearing is where the mulch head meets the bush for Great Views.  No matter the project or your desired end result, Great Views has the machinery and experience to return your property to you.

Doing any job, we prefer to mulch.  Click this link to see the benefits of mulching

Whether we mulch, saw or shear, we can make a Great View for you!

Everything we do removes the vegetation to ground level.



This is a shot sequence showing the Harleman saw in action. Notice the flush cut of the stump on this tree and the other stump pictures!

Here are a few more tree saw shots showing the saw in the vertical position used for limbing and cutting large trees to manageable lengths.

These shots were taken of a back-yard project to clear the brush for a Great View.   The larger trees were piled into burn piles after mulching and mowing the area:

We were recently contacted by a property owner in the Laquay, MO area who was having trouble selling his overgrown property.  Using the Takuchi skid steers with mulching heads, the Harrelman saw attachment and our Intimidator Chipper, we went to work!  This land owner ended up with a Great View!

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