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Pasture Reclamation

You’ve purchased or inherited over-grown pasture land that you’d like to put use for a grazing operation or for other farm related activity.  Great Views can help reclaim that pasture.  We have four options, each based on your end use and budget:


Mulching is accomplish with a rotary drum mulching head attached to one of our skid-steers for smaller areas or our Bron for the larger projects.  Click this link for mulching benefits

Before and After shots of mulching projects:

Combination Mulching with Cut and Stack

Mulching with Cut and Stack is accomplish with mulching heads, grapple attachments, and a 42 inch tree saw attached to one of our skid-steers.

The combination of mulching smaller woody vegetation with cutting and stacking larger trees provides some of the mulching benefits while helping keep your costs lower.


More brush clearing with the CAT mulching head:

8 acres of oak scrub and stumps cleared with the CAT mulching head. This job was completed in 3 days despite the trees being extremely thick and taller than the Skidsteer!


This field was full of small cedar and locust trees. Picture on the left is before clean up and the right picture is after using the rotary mower and shearing locust trees.

This set shows a left view of the same field as above before and after clearing.


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