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Woodlot Thinning

You’ve just purchased or inherited a property.  It’s so overgrown you can’t get in there to see the land and buildings you have.  Here are some projects that show what Great Views can do to help you enjoy your property.

Oak Sprout Mulch Fest

Here are great examples of selective clearing, leaving trees the landowner wanted to keep.  We mulched brush and oak sprouts, leaving no stubs.

Home site clearing

You are now the proud owner of the family farm and now you’d like to reclaim the land to be enjoyed or worked.  Here is a great example of clearing invasive species and leaving the mature hardwoods.

Sometimes it’s just a question of moving mother nature away from the house to create Great Views and environments.

Recreational Property

Sometimes you want somewhere you can get out and just enjoy the out of doors.  Great Views can help.

You have property that you like to hunt on but it’s too dense.  Great Views can help create sightlines without ruining the habitat.

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